Thursday, May 29, 2008

Welcome to the 21st Century!

I don’t have patience anymore for people who are less technologically capable than I am.

This isn’t me saying wow look at me I’m so smart. It’s just saying that those who cannot complete a simple task with any sort of “technology” and have to ask me, what I feel, are stupid questions, it irks me! I know everyone says, ‘Oh there’s no such thing as a stupid question!’ Bull crap! I have heard them before.


We have Direct TV, and there are quite a few channels called the Game Lounge. Bet you’ll never guess what those are? No you’re wrong they have games on them! :D So anyway, we got a package for it so we can play unlimited of any of the games available for the next year. Pretty cool right? Well I come from a family full of addicts. We come in all shapes and sizes. Gaming is one of them. So there are a couple of games on this channel that my mom absolutely is hooked on. Well whenever she has to get up to do something else and she's in the middle of a game, she has to ask me which button on the remote control is the pause button.

Ok let me walk you through this. For those who’ve never had one or seen one, the satellite converter remote control looks like one of your standard all-in-one, universal remote controls. Not only does it have the channel/volume up and down and the numbers 0-9 but it also has your standard DVD/VCR buttons.


You see where I’m going with this one right? Right. Ok now in this day and age we have all been through the VCR phase and have moved on to the DVD players etc. The controls of both items have not changed. The format may have changed but how you access the device is the same basic pattern. We should all be familiar with these buttons by now. So here’s my question for you all…. “WHY DO I HAVE TO TELL HER EVERY DAY WHAT BUTTON TO PUSH??” And then she wonders why I give her an irritated sigh every single time I have to tell her.

This is simple. This is basic. If this were the show ‘Are You Smarter than A 5th Grader’ this would be a 1st grade question!

And that’s just one example…


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